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What I Do Know . . .

August 19, 2017

What I do know . . .

. . . keeping the last blog entry in mind (if you haven’t read it, go there now . . . okay, you’re back, having read the previous entry) . . .

. . . is that The Self-existent Cause exists, by very definition.


Whoa! Did we do a fly over? Sorry about that. Let’s reel it in a little (or real it in which is what many of us need from time to time).


We are subject to time.


Okay, thanks Captain Obvious.


(Well, I said we were going to reel it in a little.)


Time manifests itself to us as a series of events in a cause and effect system. From our perspective, within the system, it is linear – meaning the cause comes first, then the effect and that effect is itself a cause of the next effect. There are some so-called non-linear paradigms out there attempting to explain existence but regardless of the perceived chronology of the system, existence can still be simplified to a cause and effect system or a series of events.


When you wind the cause and effect system back (and I will say back in time, just to make it easier to perceive), you eventually arrive at a singularity. A single cause that is not also an effect. That means there is something that exists that’s existence does not depend on anything but itself. Thus, The Self-existent Cause.

So when we say, The Self-existent Cause exists . . . by very definition, hopefully we can see it as a Captain Obvious moment. Self-existence is at the very core of the concept.


You might say, Well, you can put self-existent in front of anything and claim that it is “self-existent” by very definition!


We are not making up some imaginary thing and labeling it as “self-existent” like a self-existent, pink polka-dotted elephant that loves to eat spaghetti monsters. We are not playing word games and we are not playing mind games. We are discussing a singular concept arrived at by logical progression by many very intelligent people throughout the centuries. A concept legitimately discussed amongst scientist, philosophers and theologians. It is the singular concept of the un-caused cause. It is not self-existence as a modifier of something else. We are discussing the singular concept of self-existence itself.


That being said . . . The Self-existent Cause exists . . . by very definition.


If we are going to ponder existence in an effort to find purpose and solve perceived problems within ourselves and in society, then (forgive me for being Captain Obvious again) this is the place to start.


Holding The Self-existent Cause in reverent awe is the beginning of knowledge.


May we all begin again our attempted acquisition of knowledge.

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