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I am wrong!

August 6, 2017

I am wrong!


At this moment you may be thinking to yourself, well, why am I reading this then? He just, flat out, told me he is wrong. Don’t worry, this is just as safe to read as anything else on the internet because all those other people blogging and vlogging and reporting and journaling and religifying and science-a-fying. . . they are all wrong too.


And I hate to tell you this but. . .


. . .you are wrong! Ouch! I know that hurts. It really smarted for years when I was first coming to grips with it.


Ok, what do I mean. . .


. . .none of us has a complete understanding of anything. For example; you may have already caught several spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes in this blog. It may be because I am slightly dyslexic and can’t necessarily see things on the page the way I hear them in my head (true, by the way) or it may be because I am lazy and don’t care or it may be because I do not have a complete understanding of the English language in written form. I’ll leave you to wonder about the truth of the last two but in any event, I have resigned myself to the fact that I am often wrong. That is why, when writing my fiction works for publication, I get the help of a wonderful person called an editor (and she is very wonderful, by the way. I couldn’t do it without you Amanda). A rather simplistic example, I know, but our severity of error goes much deeper into much more important areas of our life, particularly our worldview.


What do we do about this then?


Well, there are two kinds of people; those who stubbornly and pridefully hold fast to their error like Gollum to the One Ring, even after it has been struck by a ray of truth gleaming for all to see. . .


. . .and . . .


. . .those who learn to let go of the shiny things that bog us down in our journey through understanding, ever adjusting course when sighting the islands, reefs and ice burgs of new information, new ideas and new perspectives on old ideas.


I am not saying that we should be so open minded that our brains fall out. I’m saying that maybe we can do away with much of the vile animosity that is out there.


What I am really saying is this. . .


. . .unmerited favor comes to those who lower their view of their own understanding of things and pride stands in opposition to many good things that would be in store for us if not for the presence of pride.


With all this said. . . I hope you visit this blog often and know that it is being written in the spirit described above.

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