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Before You Check Out . . .

Do you want the companion online course at a HUGE 80% Discount?

(You'll never see this offer anywhere else!)

12 session course_2019-07-29.png

The Emergent Vision Project

This 12 session course taught by Jeffery Dale Cole, himself will walk you through the process of capturing, clarifying, casting and carrying out a personal vision that will move you from chaos in your relationships, personal life and professional life toward the order that comes from aligning your purpose and your potential.

Jeffery has had an extensive career in design engineering that has shared space with his calling as a pastor. Jeffery realized years ago that there are many foundational principles in engineering that can be translated to one's personal life. In this unique course he communicates this proven ability to innovate with the concern and care of a pastor and the adventurous, entertaining flair of an award winning author.

For this offer only you will come away from The Emergent Vision Project with a clarified personal vision and practical tools and opportunities for carrying it out . . . all at an 80% discount!

$997 Value for only . . .


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