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For the Important Things

BUILDING SPACE is a training program that helps clarify the thought process necessary for understanding your purpose. It provides practical steps to building space in your life for the important things as well as personal mentor-ship and encouragement.

This unique program combines the philosophy successful companies use to innovate with the creativity of an award winning fiction author to make this proven ability to change accessible at a personal level.​

In addition to unveiling your purpose and discovering your potential you will:

  • Be equipped to fulfill your purpose

  • Be connected to people and resources that will amplify your potential

  • Be effective in your personal and professional relationships

  • Be relevant in an ever-changing world


BUILDING SPACE is an exclusive purpose training experience.


Author Jeffery Dale Cole has had a long career in design engineering in which he specialized in value engineering and continuous improvement. There are many foundational principles from that experience that can be translated into one's personal life, relationships, and business.


Jeffery is also a pastor in the historic Christian tradition and has a passion for teaching transforming principles in a manner that transcends the compartmentalization we often experience when it comes to our spirituality and our everyday life.

The principles of BUILDING SPACE are taught from an historic Christian worldview but that is not what makes it exclusive. Quite the opposite . . . that's what makes it inclusive. All are encouraged to apply. What makes it exclusive is the limited number of seats available. We keep it small so there is real and meaningful interaction.

If this resonates with you, fill out the application below.


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