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What if you woke up in a cold sweat because you had a vision of the future but couldn’t see how you fit into it? How would you find your purpose in it all?

A self-marooned recluse, Dr. Noah McAdams thought he had escaped a world gone wrong, only to be caught up in the very system he was fleeing. A man of deep regrets, he thought he had buried his past, only to see it resurrected before his very eyes.

The Babel Resurgence looms. The unique moment in history when humanity reaches its God-given potential. A dream come true for some, a nightmare for those who know the truth.

With time running out, Noah must discover his purpose in this dark grand scheme before The Babel Resurgence separates him from everything he has ever known and everyone he has ever loved.

Come along on the journey and find out if Noah can discover how to unveil his purpose and align it with his potential.

                “Brilliant work.”

                —Kary Oberbrunner, author of Elixir Project

2018 author academy award winner!


The spiritual realm is more real than where you and I abide now. We tend to think of it as less real somehow and many, sadly, even consider it purely imaginary. We’re merely in the shadow of the greater spiritual reality, like the two-dimensional darkness being cast on the ground by a three-dimensional bird soaring high above. For one to define or describe that majestic creature only after experiencing its shadow would be quite inadequate and frankly, tragic, yet that’s exactly what many do while trying to describe their own existence.

From the up-coming book Emergent Vision - Book One in The Babel Resurgence series.